[PARPORT] New WWW page: "Linux driver for the HP officejet" project

Roger Schreiter (schreite@helena.physik.uni-stuttgart.de)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 10:19:21 +0100


I already informed the maintainer of the Linux Parallel Port
Home Page about the WWW page for the HP officejet driver project
(operating under linux of course):


I think, it will soon be added to the list of the
"Links to the homepages of some Linux parallel driver projects".

Perhaps in the meanwhile somebody can already help us with
some information.

We think, that we now almost know the low level protocol
(a modified IEEE1284) and the method of multiplexing the
printer, fax and scanner part. We hope to be able to inform
the public next week about details in the above mentioned
WWW page.

What we now need is documentation about how scanning is done -
it's not SCL!

Thanks for any docs about the HP officejet (specific)!

Roger Schreiter.

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