Re: [PARPORT] New WWW page: "Linux driver for the HP officejet"

David Campbell (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 07:12:26 +0000

> From: Roger Schreiter <>
> Subject: [PARPORT] New WWW page: "Linux driver for the HP officejet" project

> Hi,
> I already informed the maintainer of the Linux Parallel Port
> Home Page about the WWW page for the HP officejet driver project
> (operating under linux of course):

*big pat on the back*

One minor point, you use OJ to mean "Office Jet". If someone asked me for
an OJ, I would give them an orange juice.

Please excuse the bad pun:
"Linux OJ driver" => "linux orange juice driver" *ROFL*

> What we now need is documentation about how scanning is done -
> it's not SCL!
> Thanks for any docs about the HP officejet (specific)!
Comments: Ouch!! *looking at the membership fee*

Perhaps a little arm twisting here might help....

Since all the information is distributed on CD-ROM perhaps HP may give you
an old copy once off for free. HP are known to be "very generous" when it
comes to educational discounts (so much so that there was a practice where
they gave software to universities because it costed them more money to
process the invoice than they were charging).

Good luck!!!

David Campbell
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