Re: [PARPORT] Re: problems with parallel port IRQ detection

Philip Blundell (
Sun, 01 Feb 1998 00:55:42 +0000

>I have a few ideas to fix this problem, however I am extremely busy at
>work for the next two weeks.
>When I wrote the original code it was to handle the situation of IRQ
>sharing (I have a machine with full port count 3 LPT + 4 COM). This
>required a slightly different IRQ probing scheme to that used previously
>in Linux (which assumes that each IRQ is mapped to at most one device

Just to clarify, the problem is _not_ with the IRQ-voting code that's in
there. I'm pretty sure the problem is with the code that does this:

        irq = (parport_pc_read_configb(pb) >> 3) & 0x07;

I've never understood how this was supposed to work, so I haven't been able to
fix it.


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