Re: [PARPORT] Re: {PARPORT] Backpack 8000t - testing required ?

Grant R. Guenther (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:10:50 -0500 (EST)

> Obviously, if there is anyone out there who has already got one it would
> be ideal; but what exactly is there left. The driver for the interface
> is the same but the driver for the actual tape drive is obviously
> different from the backpack disk drives - did you get the technical
> information from Micro-sol. for doing this or from somewhere else ?

All I _know_ is that the 8000td uses a Conner/Seagate ATAPI tape mechanism
and that the PP adapter is the same as in all the other MSI devices. Most
likely it is exactly the same assembly, with a different string in the

The 'pt' driver in the latest 2.1 kernels _should_ work with the
drive, as it was designed to use only standard QIC-157 commands, which
should work with any ATAPI tape drive.

> Do you envisage large problems with debugging "over the net" -
> I still can make good use of the drive for DOS/Windows but I would like
> to see a Linux solution also but if you feel it would be particularly
> difficult then I could perhaps look at something else (although I dont
> have many alternatives in the tape department unless I buy from abroad),

Debugging over the net is frustrating - especially with 6 time zones
between us ...

I do want to support the 8000td - MSI may be overly protective of their
own interests, but they make good hardware. If you can help by
testing it at your end, that would be terrific. Get in touch with me
directly when you are ready to play :-)

Grant R. Guenther

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