[PARPORT] Re: {PARPORT] Backpack 8000t - testing required ?

Adrian Phillips (adrianp@knott.powertech.no)
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:47:36 +0100

>> I noticed on the PARIDE Web page that the driver is untested on the 8000td - I
>> presume the drive has the same parallel port interface as the other Backpacks>
>> but Grant doesnt have access to one to check it out - is this the case ?
>That's pretty much the situation. I'd be much happier if there happened to
>be someone "in the audience" who can test the driver without having to
>spend a lot of money to do so.
>At one point, MSI appeared to be interested in supporting my work - they
>even suggested that they could donate an 8000td, but it didn't happen.

Obviously, if there is anyone out there who has already got one it would be ideal; but
what exactly is there left. The driver for the interface is the same but the driv
for the actual tape drive is obviously different from the backpack disk drives -
did you get the technical information from Micro-sol. for doing this or from
somewhere else ? Do you envisage large problems with debugging "over the net" -
I still can make good use of the drive for DOS/Windows but I would like to see
a Linux solution also but if you feel it would be particularly difficult then
I could perhaps look at something else (although I dont have many alternatives
in the tape department unless I buy from abroad),

Thanks for the help Grant,


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