Re: [PARPORT] Speed of ppa 1.40 driver

David Campbell (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 08:24:11 +0000

> From: "Bas Mevissen" <>
> To: "Grant R. Guenther" <>
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> Subject: [PARPORT] Speed of ppa 1.40 driver
> Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 21:37:26 +0100

> Hi Grant,
> I use the ppa 1.40 driver with kernel 2.0.33 on a > I use the ppa 1.40 driver with kernel 2.0.33 on a 486@133MHz. I used to get
> around 16-20 Mb/min with my ZIP drive (R/W). This sank a bit to app. 11
> Mb/min and in daily use the performance got even more worse.

There is a known "feature" (problem) with VFAT/UMSDOS/MSDOS partitions on
ZIP disks. It has to do with MSDOS <=> UNIX text file translation.

> Can you give me some clues why the transfer speed is lower than before. I
> don't remember what version I got the slowdown, but I think is was at the
> point where the software/hardware direction detection routine came in.
> BTW. my I/O chip is a SMC37C665GT in EPP mode. PPA reports that this one
> has software direction control, is that correct?

That should be fine.
> The motherboard is a ASUS PVI/SP3 with the lates BIOS.

Could you perform a test using:
"time dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null count=20480"

The above command should copy 10Mb from the ZIP drive and return the time
taken. If this is less than 20Mb then I am worried...

David Campbell
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