Re: [PARPORT] SyQuest SparQ setup (kernel v2.0.33)

Adrian Phillips (
07 Feb 1998 14:03:50 +0100

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Gray <> writes:

Scott> Hi, I've just purchased a SyQuest SparQ. It probably won't
Scott> get to me till Tuesday (mail order). However, I'm trying
Scott> to go ahead and get the various patches that I will need to
Scott> use the SparQ with a Linux 2.0.33 kernel. I've already
Scott> applied the parport patch version 980103, enabled parport
Scott> support and recompiled my kernel. I've also downloaded and
Scott> compiled the latest version of the linux parallel port ide
Scott> devices patch "paride.tar.gz." I understand how to load
Scott> the the modules manually. I was wondering if there is a
Scott> way to get kerneld to realize that these modules exist and
Scott> to load them when necessary as opposed to loading them
Scott> manually with the insmod and rmmod. Also, where should I
Scott> place the modules? In other words, do I just place them
Scott> somewhere in my path or should I place them in a specific
Scott> location? Finally, I would greatly appreciate any
Scott> information that specifically relates to problems
Scott> associated with the SparQ.
I got autoloading of the modules working but dont - this is how I did it:

1) Compiled paride

2) Created a new directory /lib/modules/block and copied the paride
   .os here (check your conf.mdoules file has the following lines:

3) Run depmod -a to update the modules.dep files

4) Add the following lines to your conf.modules files: paride is

# loaded automatically by kerneld because modules.dep indicates that
# pd is dependent on it, but not epat because the driver does not
# necessarily use any particular protocol
alias block-major-45 pd
pre-install pd sh -c "insmod epat"
post-remove pd sh -c "rmmod epat; rmmod paride"
options pd verbose=1 drive0=0x378,0,0,5,1,1,0
# Change your options to whatever is necessary - check pd.c for more
# info.

5) Add the following lines (changing directory names as necessary) to
   your /etc/fstab:

/dev/pda1 /ezflyer/ext2 ext2 defaults,noauto 0 0

I think this should do it - I tried it once but didnt bother because
although it can all be autoloaded it CANNOT (according to modprobe man
page) be auto unloaded - Question to the experts ? Does anyone know
what the feature mentioned in the man page is coming ? (Quote below)

Note that the pre- and post-remove commands will not be executed if a
module is "autocleaned" by kerneld! Look for the up-coming support
for per­ sistent module storage instead.

Hope this answers your question (on autoloading) - I dont have a Sparq
som dont know what problems there are


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