Re: [PARPORT] Re: lpr problems in 2.0->2.1?

Andrea Arcangeli (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 13:30:58 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:

>>For me, that has made the printer _really_ slow - the data is
>>transferred in chunks, so the printer pauses for quite some time a
>>few times for every page, while the same setup prints continually (and

It' s very important to know at least if you are printing in polling
or using interrupt. If you are printing in polling the only thing that
can slowdown a bit the printing (against an interrupt driven one) is the


tunelp /dev/lp0 -t 0

but I don' t think this can fix your problems.

You should also provide us your lp/parport log messages.

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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