[PARPORT] HP DJ-660C problems

Riley Williams (rhw@bigfoot.com)
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:58:32 +0000 (GMT)

Hi there.

I have a system which I would like to get working as a print
server for my network, serving the above printer. The machine
specifications are as follows:

Q> Compaq DeskPro 386/40M
Q> 386sx/40 Processor.
Q> 4M of RAM - all socketed DIL chips (see below).
Q> 60M Hard drive, partitioned as follows:
Q> /dev/hda1 = 8M DOS partition (Compaq setup utils).
Q> /dev/hda2 = 16M Linux swap partition.
Q> /dev/hda3 = 36M Linux native partition.
Q> NE2000/ISA network card.

Before anybody asks, /usr is remote NFS mounted from my primary
machine, which has 4.5G of hard drive space and a P166 processor.

I can also confirm that it makes heavy use of the swap partition
due to the shortage3 of primary RAM (8-Z) but there is no real
RAM expansion potential since all the DIL sockets are occupied,
and the memory expansion slot has no details on it, nor is the
relevant board available from Compaq. However, if anybody happens
to have a memory spare expansion card for this beastie lying

So far, I have it set up as follows:

Q> RedHat 5.0 installed.
Q> Kernel upgraded to 2.0.33, compiled with only the absolute
Q> essentials compiled in, and modules disabled.

I ran X-Windows across the network, and ran PrintTools on the
above box, and as far as I can tell, it is all set up correctly,
but it never gets round to printing anything!

It has been suggested to me that my printer needs to talk back to
the driver, and the driver isn't aware of this, but if so, I
haven't the foggiest how to set it up to do so.

Any advice very much appreciated...

Best wishes from Riley.

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