Re: [PARPORT] LS120 and CD-JET from Multiport ...

Grant R. Guenther (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 07:31:02 -0500 (EST)

> I would like to handle my LS120 and CD-JET parallel port drivers from LINUX.
> The CD-JET has the chip set KBIC-971A and the STARLET has the chip set
> ONSPEC Chip 19C26-E.

The KBIC-971A and the OnSpec 90C26 are both supported by the PARIDE suite
(by the kbic and on26 protocol modules, respectively). The LS-120 is
supported by the 'pf' high level driver. Assuming a CD-JET is an ordinary
ATAPI CD-ROM, the 'pcd' driver should be able to handle it. (If it is
a CD-R(W) device, we don't have a driver yet - although solutions are in
the works.)

All the drivers can be found either in the PARIDE-0.94 package for 2.0
kernels or in the official kernel source tree since 2.1.77. The version
for 2.0 is available at:

NB: the 0.94 version is 'stable' - it is not being updated.

> In addition I want to ask whether the two drives can be run at the same LPT.

In principle, yes, but only with PARIDE 1.0 or later, as found in the
2.1 kernels. You need to install the PARPORT sharing system as well as
the appropriate PARIDE modules.

It is possible that some combinations might not work.
> Last Question is, whether it's better to have the two drives with the same
> chip set. In this case only ONSPEC is possible.

It depends on the chip set, and the drivers. Currently, the only PARIDE
driver that supports more than one of the same chip on the same chain
is the MicroSolutions backpack (bpck) driver. Shuttle's EPAT adapter does
the IEEE 1284 chain control protocol, and I believe that OnSpec's device
also implements it.

Attention PARPORT guys: we should probably be looking at getting PARPORT
to do the 1284 Chain ID assignment stuff ... As part of the "PnP"
support, perhaps.

Grant R. Guenther

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