Re:Re: [PARPORT] Installation from par.port CDROM

Tom Good (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 10:51:26 -0500 (EST)

On 17 Mar 1998, Gerhard Anslinger wrote:

> I'm asking because how does the installation programm know that it should
> install linux ... !?

Hallo Gerhard, wie geht's?

What cd do you have? I have a backpack cdrom and you can install redhat
off of it in two ways:

1) Boot dos as per usual --- run the autoboot utility that comes with
RedHat (I don't recall where it is but if you like I will look it up in
my log notes...) That is all it takes. Seriously.

2) Make a bpcd boot disk from the redhat cd. The disk has instructions on
how to do it - also, check out the redhat page...Mr Barnes may have a boot
disk you can download (doesn't Grant have one? I am not a paride user
- I still use the older bpcd.o module...I also don't care for redhat - - -
so I use bpcd.o on slackware...what this means is that I am not up to
date on what exists for RH5.)

Of the two options, I like the former. Why? On alot of my unix boxes I
have a small dos maintenance partition so this is easiest for me. (I have
some boxes with EISA motherboards and SCSI utilities that run from DOS.)

You can download Thomas Wolfram's first stage boot loader to allow you
to not use LILO, if you prefer. Wolfram's webpage info availble, if you
like...) You still use LILO but it is restricted to booting linux from
the superblock of the linux partition - a safer way.

BTW, I have some machines that have zip drives daisy-chained to backpack
cds and insmod works well to swap drivers in and out...the line printer
works too...

How are things in Wien?

Viel Erfolg!

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