[PARPORT] Installing Linux from External Cd-rom

Brent Ritch (brent.ritch@cfu-cybernet.net)
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:39:34 -0500

To Whom it May Concern,

I have recently wanted to install linux on a 386/22 in order to breath a
new life into it. Since it doesn't have an internal Cd-Rom drive I have a
MicroSolutions Backpack drive that connects to a printer port.

My computer has a Dos partition of a small 30 meg leaving the rest of the
1.6 gig free for linux. So I boot my system and from the dos prompt use
the autoboot that is on the Red Hat Linux CD. It runs through systems
settings detecting hardware etc, asks me what kind of keyboard i have, if
my monitor is color, etc. Then asks me how I want to install, I say from
CD. This is where the fun begins . . .

I have two options for CD-Rom, other and SCSI, so i choose other. At This
point it presents me with a list of CD-Roms and such and second on the list
is the Backpack cd-rom. Using the autoconfig method it tells me unable to
mount /bcpk. Using the set parameters setting and leaving it blank as I
know no parameters to enter (if you do please help). It accesses the
Cd-Rom and informs me there is no Red Hat CD in the drive. So i remove my
Red Hat CD from the drive and insert it again. This time I recieve a
screen scroll of information and several I-node errors followed by a it is
now safe to reboot your system.

Please help, I want to install Linux on this system so It can live a longer
life, but If all this is in vain please tell me and I will junk the 386
that our family hase become attached to.


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