[PARPORT] parallel-SCSI

Brian Williams (epabcw@epa.ericsson.se)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:39:33 +0100

Hi All.
I am a newbie on this list, so apologies to everyone if I ask any dumb
questions that cover old ground.

I haven't seen reference to a mailing list archive. Does one exist, and
if so where can I find it?

Now, my real problem. I passed through Singapore recently, and purchased
a parallel-SCSI adapter. The adapter is called a "bridge 777 EPP". My
problem (of course) is that it doesn't appear to work with my computer.

The documentation for the unit indicates that it works in nibble, byte,
and EPP modes.

>From what I can tell, the software supplied with the adapter has an
EPSA.EXE file, and it installs into a SHTLMAN directory, so it appears
as if the product is a Suttle Technology clone.

The beastie is a small unit with two 25 pin connectors on one end for
the parallel port to the computer, and the parallel port to the printer.
The other end has a 50 pin centronics SCSI connector.

I have also pulled the beastie apart, and it consists of an NCR 5380
chip for the SCSI, and another main chip for which I can't find
information that is presumably the parallel port interface. This sounds
similar to the adaptec (previously trantor) t358/t348 adapters, but the
(dos) drivers for these do not see the adapter.

My computer is a Toshiba Tecra 730 portable with an ECP parallel port.
It has no EPP mode, but can be set into a bidirectional mode.

Having the adapter not work on the portable under DOS mode, I have tried
other things. It does work on a desktop machine which has an EPP port.

Under linux, I have compiled the modules for epsa, epst, t348, and t358,
and tried all of these. In each case the detection routines fail to
detect the adapter, although the adapter does see some input (the busy
light on the adapter does come on).

Has anyone had experience with this specific parallel port device?
Has anyone had experience with parallel port devices on a Toshiba Tecra?
I have seen an indication in http://www.lvr.com/jansfaq.htm of problems
with a Toshiba 420; does anyone know if this is applicable, or how to
overcome this problem if it is what I am seeing.

For the modules that I am loading, how can I debug the loading to see
what is happening? Do I need to modify the code so that the initial
checks are not done at initial loading, but can then be initiated later
to see what is happening? Or is there some other way that I can debug it
when it is loaded with insmod?

Thanks in advance.

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