Re: [PARPORT] /dev/pda0 as root drive

Grant R. Guenther (
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 10:29:31 -0500 (EST)

> The goal like to run Linux on my HP Omnibook 300 and
> have no way to install it on its own native hard drive- the OB300
> had no diskette drive and doesn't have enough RAM for a RAMdisk.

I've read and re-read this paragraph and I'm sure I'm missing something,
If you don't have a floppy, how do you install _anything_ on this thing ?
What would you boot from if the internal disk went bad (or if you merely
corrupted its boot block).

If you can describe what you have for resources without confusing me, I'll
be happy to try to make some suggestions :-)

Grant R. Guenther

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