[PARPORT] MLC link provider via parport

Thu, 16 Apr 98 09:55:43 +0200


I already introduced our "Linux driver for the HP officejet"-project
in this mailing list (see also
, link can also be found on the Linux Parallel Port Home Page as
"HP officejet all-in-one device"). Now we know much more, than
when I introduced our project here. The connection to the parport
should be realized via a generic MLC (see the above URL) socket, since
MLC is how the officejet multiplexes his four independent internal
devices (printer, fax, scanner, setup) and MLC is proposed as
IEEE1284.4 standard and will probably soon be used by much more
"intelligent" devices. (In some manner MLC can be compared to SCSI).

MLC is independent from the hardware which realizes the physical link to
the device. So in our concept we need "MLC link provider" to be
connected to the MLC socket. Since at the moment only a MLC link
provider via the parport is needed by the existiting hardware (HP officejet),
we intend now to implement it. It is my task inside our project
to do this and of course discuss it within this parport mailing list.

Everything right, how I do see it? Any correcting comments?

First of course, I started to read all your docs, ... about
programming via the linux-parport-interface.

May I ask some questions, even if I did not already read everthing
very closely?

I looked at the sites, where to find the parport source code, and
found a lot of patches. Do I have to go through all the patches
to have an up to date version of the parport code? Which is the
most recent complete code?

There is no support of ECP hardware? (Riccardo Facchetti will perhaps
starting work on it?)

There is no emulation of ECP yet (send and receive ECP data via a non-ECP
parport (which must be bidirectional))?

In general it would be useful (or neccessary) to furnish some code
for IEEE1284 modes (IEEE1284 negotioting and so on)?


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