Re: RE (or more questions): [PARPORT] ValueStor problems

Mark Willis (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 17:51:48 -0700

As a DOS user (not yet a Linux user) of the ValueStor, I am pretty
darn certain that the last time I tried a pair of Seagate ST-3630A's in
my (newer) 90c26 VSMobile kit, it worked fine (the Dos driver FDisked &
formatted the good drive as an extended Dos partition IIRC, the other
drive was SICK!) - I can check (Have both the old & new VSMobiles at
hand, can see with a variety of drives.) (I didn't realize until later
that the 2nd drive was set as slave, so I'm pretty sure it was left as

  (My browser is not letting me at list posts temporarily, so if anyone
wants me to try, please cc me in e-mail or it may be a month before I
see it!)

  Mark Willis

Grant R. Guenther wrote:
> > Maybe my question is more or less related to the previous one or not at all.
> You could be onto something :-)
> > I do not exactly remember the error messages, but I am sometimes
> > using an IDE hard disk from linux with the paride.o, on26.o and pd.o
> > and have not succeeded in using a drive strapped as slave.
> You're not "supposed" to use an IDE drive jumpered as a slave, unless the
> master is present, so pd doesn't support that configuration.
> If you'd like to do an experiment, please locate the two lines in pd.c that
> include the pattern:
> WR(0,6,0xa0
> Change the 0xa0 to 0xb0, and recompile pd.c. That will address the
> commands to the slave. If that works, I'll add support for slave
> drives in pd. Please let me know.
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> Grant R. Guenther
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