[PARPORT] Status of pg / HP-7x000e . . .

Brian T. Schellenberger (babbleon@mindspring.com)
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 23:27:00 +0000

Hi. I just joined the list; sorry if this was just the subject of a
major discussion. (But I did try to check out the web pages!)

I'm considering getting a CD-ROM writer. The HP 7200e has an attractive
price, but I only want it if it'll work under Linux since (at the moment
at least) Linux is the only operating system I have working on my

So . . .

I joined this list; I have a few questions . . .

- what is the current state of the "pg" driver?
- this would be expected to work on the 7200e as well as the 7100e,
- is there anything that I could do to help? I'm an experienced
programmer, but NOT an experienced device-level person. (I did work on
a debugger for three years professionaly, though, so I'm not afraid of
low-level code in general.) I don't even have a working DOS/Windows
partition or DOSEMU installed, and DOS hacking is totally out of my
league, BTW. If sitting tight is what will help the most, I can do
that. I'm even willing to go ahead and buy the darn thing to help test
it if it's far enough along that this would be helpful.
- Or would it be more rational for me to get a PCMCIA SCSI adaptor and
get a SCSI CD-R device? (I haven't even priced out this alternative
yet, but I assume that it would work arlready but be darn pricey.)

Thanks for any advice!

Brian T. Schellenberger --
Brian, The Man From Babble-On.  babbleon@bigfoot.com

[your favorite saying here.]

PS: (totally unrelated) - "fetchmail" suddely stopped working for me a couple of weeks ago. Seems not to find the place to put it. Netscape mail works fine. A personal reply from anybody who happens to know what I might have accidentally killed would be apprecited.

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