[PARPORT] Parallel port scanner page

David Campbell (campbell@gear.torque.net)
Wed, 6 May 1998 15:03:29 +0000

In the last few months there has been a dramatic increase in the number of
requests for assistance regarding parallel port scanners. I have set up a
page to provide information regarding these devices (and hopefully reduce
the amount of email I need to read :)

I do not claim this to be the definitive reference on parallel port
scanners, just the current status of parallel port scanners under Linux
(not good actually). I would like to hear from anyone with info to add to
the following page:


On the positive side, there appears a number of parallel port scanners
which could supported providing there is a suitable parallel to SCSI
interface (and the Linux SANE program recognises them).

I have a "Hall of Shame" for those manufacturers which it is believed
there will NEVER be a Linux driver for there devices. Currently this list
is empty but nominations will be accepted.

Links to scanners and Linux would be gratefully accepted (especially the
SANE homepage, sorry I haven't made an effort to look for this).

David Campbell

"All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"

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