Re: [PARPORT] [PATCH] parport_share.c not naming correctly

Inaky Perez Gonzalez (
Sun, 10 May 1998 23:21:03 +0200


Andrea> The point is: what' s the problem of having the port counter
Andrea> monothone? (also think that kmod will not more rmmod modules)

        Quite easy. Got two ports, one dedicated to the zip drive and
another one for the printer, right? so I tell lp to use parport1 and
zip to use parport0. If they change names on the fly, I'm screwed
off. It's a no-no.

        Ok, it's rare to have parport linked in and parport_pc as a
module, but it could happen that parport is a loaded module,
parport_pc too; then parport_pc is unloaded because of being unused,
but before unloading parport, _someone_ makes a request which forces
again the reload of parport_pc, with changed names. Then you're in
trouble if you hold more than a parallel port on your system [which is
not-a-so-rare for printer servers, for example].

>> So well, it took some time of simple hacking to do it instead of
>> studying f.... differential equations, so here it is :)

Andrea> I _should_ study differential equations and a lot more
Andrea> (hundred of dimonstrations :-() too and I
Andrea> __________HATE_________ _theorical_ math. I can' t find a best
Andrea> way to waste my time... I think in Italy University has
Andrea> serious problems ;-).

        I think we all Mediterranean countries have lot's of funny
ways to waste time in instead of studying ...

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