[PARPORT] Re: irq-driven printing still not ok [CONFIG_PRINTER_HP nedded?]

Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles (frer@vnet.es)
Mon, 11 May 1998 00:35:25 +0000

> On Sun, 10 May 1998, Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles wrote:
> >I am using 2.1.101. parport works ok with polling, but it stops a while and
> >then resumes for a few lines when I try to print a "large" graphic (about
> >100k).
> Can I guess which printer are you using? You are using an HP and
> more probably Deskjet.

Err... in fact no, it's an Epson Stylus Color II.

> The printer handshake is buggy.

Looking at the diagrams you draw, it seems so :(

> Try pscan and give me the report so I can analyze your printer too. There'
> s no README. You must compile and insmod ./pscan.o. Then you will see.
> Also you must have 0x378 and irq 7 free (not used by the kernel at insmod
> time). If your resources are different you must modify by hand two
> #defines in pscan.c.

Ok, I'm compiling now pscan... hold on... compilation errors...

I have found the problem: for SMP, there is a little patch to apply for

--- pscan.c.orig Sat May 9 13:32:58 1998
+++ pscan.c Mon May 11 00:27:15 1998
@@ -83,7 +83,11 @@
 #ifdef __i386__
+#ifdef __SMP__
+ if ((unsigned long) current_cpu_data.x86_capability & 0x10)
        if ((unsigned long) cpu_data.x86_capability & 0x10)
                 * If the CPU support rdtsc then use it.

Just quick hack, I know. Mine is an UP computer, but kernel is SMP compiled.

So there it goes:
Printer scanner for Linux, Copyright (C) 1998 Andrea Arcangeli

tick: 1818008145, status: df, control: cc, type: 0.
tick: 1818009565, status: 5f, control: dd, type: 0.
tick: 1818010411, status: 5f, control: dc, type: 0.
tick: 1818011548, status: 1f, control: dc, type: 0.
tick: 1818013656, status: 5f, control: dc, type: 1.
tick: 1818014627, status: 5f, control: dc, type: 0.
tick: 1818338266, status: df, control: dc, type: 0.

Printer scanner for Linux, scan finished.
Don' t bother about the `busy' message you will see after this line.

(printer just turned on before testing)

It seems almost like what you posted. I bow to your wisdom (tm)

I have received the kernel patch. As soon as I test it, I will post the results.


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