[PARPORT] two comments

wood ellis (woodswrk@erols.com)
Sat, 16 May 1998 13:44:59 -0700

Two comments for dclinuxers and driver-writers everywhere:

1. It seems very interesting to me that the Amiga is going to be
'reissued' or rejuvenated next fall, with Linux installed, by Gateway. I
would enjoy any additional info or commentary.

2. The linuxers-of-the-world are suffuciently numerous today to exercise
more influence on manufacturers of peripherals. When a tape machine or
CDR or anything is manufactured, and the manufacturer rovides a driver
for microsoft systems, and pointedly neglects to provide drivers for
Linux/Unix and other systems, it can be argued that the manufacturer is a
willing partner in the microsoft conspiracy. Hewlett-Packard is a good
example, but there are many others. Question: How in the world can we
go about the job of exercising influence on thie situation? Think of the
amount of time and trouble we could save ourselves!


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