Re: [PARPORT] Creative Labs Web Blaster II

Bill Davidsen (
Mon, 18 May 1998 21:16:13 EDT

Alan Cox <> wrote:

> If you have the option go for a PCI card and Composite camera pair. Parallel
> port cameras murder your performance. If you've already got the card then
> as far as I know nobody has attemped it

I want a camera which is (a) affordable, say <$200, (b) reasonable
resolution, say 640x480 min, (c) available in the USA by mail order, and
(d) supported by Linux.

I was looking at the Conntix color cam, 640x480, and was planning to use
parallel port because some system, like a laptop, don't have a PCI slot
at all, and even servers may not have one for a camera. I'd even do
serial, the camera may do 24 fps, but I have no need for it.

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