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Hello Fellows - we will get the specs for VCam !

Info for who doesn't know yet:
VCam is a Digital PC Camera, very similar to the
famous Connectix PC Camera, but unlike that prizings,
the VCam is /*significant*/ cheeper !
It has a nice equipement to connect with a
PC or notebook and has a TWAIN interface.

On my question to AME-GROUP, which is selling the
VCam CP-58 worldwide, I've got a positive answer
about Specifications in order to be able to write
drivers for 'other' operating systems.

If someone already owns that camera, I will send
him/her the specs as soon as I get them.

Since I have not yet written such a driver, I would
suggest, that somebody experienced send me a simple
driver for a Connectix PC Camera and instructions.
(this I could use as a template for VCam... in C)

That's just an idea, in the next days I will negotiate
with AME-GROUP, Mr. Mo, to give me all tech. specs for VCam.

Any more ideas ?

Here is the answer:

      Subject: Re: VCam drivers for Unix/Linux
         Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 17:25:51 +0800
         From: cd2y0978 <cd2y0978@ms1.seeder.net>
     Reply-To: ame@ame-group.com
 Organization: AME-GROUP
           To: Lu@cgicon.com
   References: 1

Dear Mr. Richter:

Ref.: Vcam drivers for Unix/Linux

Thanks for your e-mail and questions about our product, Vcam. Besides,
thank you very much for purchasing our Vcam. However, I am very sorry
for being unable to answer your e-mail immediately because of some
customers' visiting after the show of Computex Taipei.

Our Vcam is for the OS, NT 4.0, Win95, Win98 and even Win31. We are not
planning to support the drivers for Unix/Linux but can provide you with
the informations to develop the utility and driver. For more questions
or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Melody Mo


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