Re: [PARPORT] Parallel port harddrive testimonials
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:45:57 -0400 (EDT)

> I have an old gateway laptop with a 170MB hard drive and a nonexistent
> hardrive upgrade path. Has anyone used the parallel port hardrive for
> the majority of their linux/gnu OS? If so, would you please email me
> and let me know if this is viable.

I'll let others give their testimonials about useability. Myself, I
consider the PARIDE drivers to be useful for secondary devices, I don't
think I would try to put my root fs on one, but many have done so.

One caution, however: make sure that you parallel port can do EPP
mode - if not, you will find the performance of your drive to be

> P.S. sorry if this is a faq or covered in the archives, I could find
> neither.

We currently don't have an official archive, and the FAQ is still
a dream - care to write one ? :-)

Grant R. Guenther

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