[PARPORT] Parameters (newbie question)

David Slonosky (slavboy@interlog.com)
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 06:25:41 -0400

Ok. I've compiled all the modules, added the PARIDE elements to /devs, and
now I need to know how to determine the parameters to pass when I insert the
modules under kernel 2.0.30.

Step 1. insmod paride
Step 2. insmod pcd
Step 3. insmod pcd0<????,????>

It's step 3 that I'm having trouble with. The home page for parport and the
README in the paride archive are kinda cryptic. Is there a standard hex
address for lpt1: on DOS machines, or is there some probe I can run to find
it? RedHat install found my Backpack CD-ROM with no problem, so I know it's
possible somehow. :)

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