Re: [PARPORT] Mode independent IEEE1284 access (device driver side)
Tue, 16 Jun 98 12:37:42 +0200


> But please allow manual override (by the client driver).
Good idea, will be done!

> And btw: both ECP and EPP have the concept of "addresses". How
> does that fit into your structure? (i.e. I haven't seen an
> address parameter in your proposed calls :-))
Oh, just forgot this in my e-mail. In my ECP-emulation by software
I have a function ...e1284_set_channel(...) to change the channel (address).
I thought to code a similar function as general ieee1284-function.

I also thought about two other solutions:
- A further argument for the channel in read/write functions
- First byte in read/write functions is interpreted as channel (address).

I prefer to do channel changes by a separate function, because I think
channel changes are a little portion of the whole data flow. What do
you prefer?


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