[PARPORT] Fornatting superdisks

Joshua Jore (jjore@imation.com)
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 14:42:31 -0500

I'm not sure if this is applicable for this group but the format command
for SuperDisk diskettes doesn't work right. mkdosfs will format superdisk
diskettes but it doesn't put the right information into the bios parameter
block. I'm not sure if having a mismatched media descriptor will cause much
havoc but the mismatched head number may cause problems with the drive
geometry. I have no idea if the ext2 filesystem works ok on the drive -
that's something I don't plan to look at but the msdos format just isn't up
to par yet.

This is how mkdosfs formats the superdisk:
  System ID humbug
  Bytes/sector 512
  Sectors/cluster 4
  Sectors in reserve area 1
  Number of fats 2
  Root directory entries 512
  Total number of sectors 246528
  Media Descriptor F8 <--- this should be F0
  Sectors/fat 241
  Sectors/track 32
  Heads (sides) 64 <--- this should be 8
  Hidden sectors 0
  FAT ID F8, F8 <--- this should be F0, F0

Joshua Jore

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