Re: [PARPORT] I am sure this is asked frequently but...
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 06:42:07 -0400 (EDT)

> I have been using paride for my SyQuest for quite sometime... I
> have an old 2X BP CDROM and I just obtained a new network server w/o a CD.
> Problem is when I try to install RH or Slack over NFS neither want to work
> (Slack won't even see the disk sets and RH gives me an error) so I am
> going to try my BP.
> Do I just put the .o's on the boot disk along w/insmod and just
> load the drivers or do I have to do something more involved?

Since RedHat 4.1, if I recall correctly, there has been support on the
RedHat boot disk for the backpack CD-ROM. It hasn't been perfect and
some drives didn't work with some boot disks.

Please try loading the PARIDE bpck and pcd modules and see if they
find your CD-ROM drive. If so, send me the "verbose" log messages.
I should be able to tell you if the RHS boot disks can handle the drive.

It is possible that you have a very old backpack that is not an ATAPI
drive. We have a driver for those ancient models, but it hasn't been
tested very much. If your drive is really old, PARIDE won't see it.

Models 160xxx and 162xxx are the old pre-ATAPI drives, 163xxx use
first generation ATAPI devices (but PARIDE should handle them).
164xxx and later models are normal ATAPI drives. Some recent 8x and
higher drives have problems with the old "bpcd" driver because of
spin-up delays.

Grant R. Guenther

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