[PARPORT] pcd - stops machine

Colin Ford (colinf@nortel.ca)
01 Jul 1998 10:44 EDT


I hope this is the write forum. I have a number
of Compaq LTE ELITE 4/75CX machines. I also have
Linux running the 2.0.32 kernel. I have a shuttle
cd rom. I have downloaded the paride version
0.94 and successfully got the cd to work using the

insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pcd

Now this works fine for most of the compaq's but
a few get to the pcd part and then just hang the
machine. The machine has to have a power cycle
to get it out of the state. I have tried putting
the verbose=1 option on the pcd module, everything
looks fine until it gets to the 5 mode, and then
it hangs. The 5th mode line does not get printed.

I have check the bios of all the compaqs and they
are all correct.

If anyone could help I would be very greatfull.


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