Re: [PARPORT] pcd - stops machine
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:07:45 -0400 (EDT)

> I hope this is the write forum.

Yup, this is the right place.

> I have a number
> of Compaq LTE ELITE 4/75CX machines. I also have
> Linux running the 2.0.32 kernel. I have a shuttle
> cd rom. I have downloaded the paride version
> 0.94 and successfully got the cd to work using the
> commands.
> insmod paride
> insmod epat
> insmod pcd
> Now this works fine for most of the compaq's but
> a few get to the pcd part and then just hang the
> machine. The machine has to have a power cycle
> to get it out of the state. I have tried putting
> the verbose=1 option on the pcd module, everything
> looks fine until it gets to the 5 mode, and then
> it hangs. The 5th mode line does not get printed.
> I have check the bios of all the compaqs and they
> are all correct.

As it happens, I have actually seen this before !

The EPP implementation on some older machines is capable of
locking the ISA bus if run in 32 bit mode.

All you need to do, if you know that mode 4 is ok, is to
load the pcd driver using the drive0 parameter to force the mode:

        insmod pcd drive0=0x378,0,0,4

Read the comments in pcd.c for more information.

Grant R. Guenther

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