[PARPORT] PARIDE on 2.0.30 Kernels

Stuart Jacobs (sjj0@gte.com)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 11:02:45 -0400

Can anyone offer advice on using PARIDE on 2.0.30 Kernels. I am running
Redhat 4.2 (2.0.30) on an IBM Thinkpad 380D along with Xi Graphics
Accelerated X server. The Xi people Strongly recommend staying with 4.2
for compatability with their X-server s/w. I want to attach a SyQuest
SparQ drive to this machine.

When I looked over the PARIDE web page
http://www.torque.net/parport/paride.html it notes:

"the PARIDE suite has been retrofitted into Linux 2.0.35. The version for
2.0.35 does not support port sharing, but is otherwise the same as the
version found in 2.1.107. 2.0.35 has not yet been officially released,
check Alan Cox's ftp area for the latest pre-release patches.
Alternatively, Users of version 2.0 Linux kernels may download a set of
patches which were prepared against 2.0.34, but should apply to most of the
later 2.0 source trees."

I do have experience doing kernel rebuilds as part of my work on mobile IP
but am unsure about applying the pre-release patches to a 2.0.30 kernel.

Stuart Jacobs CISSP
Network Security
GTE Laboratories
40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, MA 02254
telephone: (781) 466-3076
fax: (781) 466-2838

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