[PARPORT] Solved. Re: ---- 7110e fails at 2129920 Bytes Everytime.

David Bestor (dab@indenial.com)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 18:02:12 -0400

grant@torque.net wrote:

> First, your message did not make it to the list. Majordomo censors
> mail, unfortunately, and determined for some reason that yours was better
> handled by me directly :-) (Actually, yelling HELP in the subject line
> will do that ...)
> > I got the PARIDE patches and applied them to a 2.0.33 kernel.
> > I have been able to use it as a CDROM using (PARIDE,EPAT,PCD) just fine.
> >
> > I am also able to insmod all the proper modules for CD-R
> > (paride,epat,pg).
> But, have you been checking the driver messages that appear on your
> console ? (You can retrieve the most recent kernel messages with dmesg,
> or from your kernel log files.)
> I strongly suspect that your parallel port is set to ECP mode, which is
> not supported at this time. Set it to EPP mode and things should be
> much better. When you load 'pg', 'epat' will log a line that reports the
> port mode. You want to use mode 5.
> For maximum performance, you also need to force the port delay to zero.
> (Read the comments at the beginning of pg.c.)
> > I start the cdrecord -v -speed=2 -dev=0,0 /cdimage.iso
> > and everytime it fails with a write error - loss of streaming at 2129920
> > bytes.
> Why are you wasting media ? the -dummy option is there to test the setup
> before actually doing a burn.
> > I have tried speed=1, killed almost all daemons, nothing running on the
> > system,
> > (Its a P200 with 64 Megs of Ram) and nothing works..
> This really sounds like an ECP port to me. You would probably be able
> to write at 1x if you forced the port delay to 0.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Grant... Thanks a bunch....
I just burned my first successful cdrw in linux. I just mounted it and
everything is kool!

All 176 megs of it.

You were right about the Parallel Port thingie. Stupid me, didnt even think
to check that!.
It was actually set for SPP. I changed it to EPP and just burned one at 1x. I
have a
rewriteable so Im going to try 2x but I dont care. At least it works! at 1x.

The insmod reports mode 5 now it was someother number before .But delay 1.
Ill play with that if I have to but like I said
it does work now. (If it aint broke dont fix it right?)

I was about to trash it and give up.! Thanks again!.

Very Happy Linux CDRW User,
PS:Now its time to try and get xcdroast working...

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