RE: [PARPORT] lp locks with three devs on parport

Tim Waugh (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:40:06 +0100

> I looked at the code and found this: port->waittail isn't updated when
> the second device is added to the waitlist. This would also explain,
> why it only happens with three devices.

Aha! Thanks a lot for finding this! Here's a pseudo-patch:

           /* First add ourselves to the end of the wait list. */
           dev->waitnext = NULL;
           dev->waitprev = port->waittail;
           if (port->waittail)
              port->waittail->waitnext = dev;
+ port->waittail = dev;
           else {
              port->waithead = dev->port->waittail = dev;


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