RE: [PARPORT] lp locks with three devs on parport

Tim Waugh (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:32:08 +0100

> Thread A then runs again unaware of what's happened behind its back.
It sees
> that the port is still in use (not realising that it's now the owner)
> commits to going to sleep. It sets bit 0 of `waiting' as well and
goes to
> sleep. Since it now owns the port nobody else can release it and so
we have
> deadlock.

Okay, I see now. I don't think this is happening, though, since not
only is the wait-queue empty but no devices have a "+" next to them in
/proc/.../devices (i.e. no-one has the port). The other devices are

The trouble with my explanation (need a spinlock around "if (waiting&1)
{ waiting=0;..") is that you'd need two threads messing with a
particular device's "waiting" flags, which I also don't think is

Also interesting is which device driver stops: it's always been ppuser
for me, and the original poster had it happen twice to lp. I wonder how
the bug chooses its victim..


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