Re: [PARPORT] Attempting to config tape drive.

Claus Heine (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:27:59 +0200 (CETDST)

> > I've removed the cover of the tape drive and found that the part number
> > is 315702-002 and the interface between the the drive and the port contains to
> > chips, a Microsolutions 50772B 9627MVB04 and a S9242AGC4 PC8477BV-1 NSC 1991.
> > So I assumed that this drive would use the BackPack protocol. I built a
> > 2.0.34 kernel + parport patch, insmod'd the parport.o, bpck.o, and pt.o, the
> > first to loaded fine but the last one reported no devices found.
> > Is this in fact a par-ide drive? And if so am I missing something? Or
> > is there any other way to support this drive?
> No, it's an Iomega Ditto drive, rebranded. You are correct about the backpack
> protocol, but there is no IDE device there. Instead, there is a floppy
> controller and a floppy tape drive.
> Claus Heine is working on a driver - and has made some major progress.
> Stay tuned here for announcements.


Basically, I have done the job. I'm able to read and write with either
SPP, PS2 or EPP protocol. The CRC processor of the Backpack drive is
screwed up when writing with EPP-16 or EPP-32, eight bit EPP is ok,
and reading is possible even with EPP-32.

I'm able to use the ECC coprocessor, too. I need to clean up the
source code and I`ll probably release a preliminary test version this
week, and aiming at a new major ftape release with support for those
beasts for end of July, or end of August.



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