[PARPORT] BackPack Cdrom Woes.

Stef Telford (stef@chronozon.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:30:16 +0000

Hello all,
                I am hoping you can help me out here. I have been
running parport for some time under linux and found it very stable and
useable. Recently however, I wanted a parallel cdrom for my laptop (so
old it doesnt have one built in as standard :(
I looked through the list of supported cdroms and noted them down. After
visiting the shop, I saw the Backpack cdrom drive and bought it. It
didnt work.

                Now, the only thing is, on further reading, I couldnt
see that the Backpack Bantam cdrom drive is supported (its a nice small
thing one). I have got and installed, a panasonic kpx6500 laserjet via
the parport device (along with a SparQ drive) so I know what to do, and
am most certainly not a newbie ;)

                I also didnt want to post to this forum in case this is
a known incompatability problem (eg. the bantam documentation does say
its an IEE 1034 (whatever) drive, and uses ecp/spp/epp etc, however it
_does_ say it uses bantam's _propietary_ device handling.) Hurm. Any
pointers would be appreciated, or failing that if someone wants to point
me on how to reverse engineer parallel port negotation protocols, or has
a program to do an strace on the port, then that will probably help.


(p.s. before anyone asks, yes, the cdrom drive does work from dos, and
it also works on other windowze machines.)

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