[PARPORT] Parallel drive as root fs

Lord Spatula (urchlay@geocities.com)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 07:12:59 +0000

Hi... last time I posted to this list I asked a stupid question... sorry
bout that...

But I think this is a pretty interesting situation:

Earlier tonight I made an ext2fs "linux-on-a-disk" using kernel 2.0.35
with built-in paride support, on a SyQuest EZ135
cartridge. In my /etc/fstab, the device /dev/pda3 is mounted on / (pda1
is a 10M DOS partition containing the kernel image + loadlin and pda2 is

The disk will boot & mount, but evrery time I boot, e2fsck tells me my
superblock is corrupt and advises me to reboot. If
I continue the boot process, everything seems to work normally, but
after a while (about 10-20 minutes or when I run startx, whichever comes
first) I get lots of filesystem error messages and the machine
more-or-less hangs (I can still log in on virtual terminals, but every
disk access produces error messages and what I assume are
non-interruptable timeouts, forcing me to power-cycle the machine to
reboot it)

Is it possible that I have too many processes accessing the disk at

(I was about to say I couldn't provide exact output from e2fsck, but it
just occurred to me that I can edit the rc script
containing the call to it and redirect its standard output to a file...
will do this ASAP)

in case you can't tell, I'm a complete linux newbie... so try to speak
in words of one syllable or less :)



p.s. I have tried booting my main linux partition and running e2fsck on
the offending partition, using a backup superblock. It claims to fix
lots of bad inodes & other stuff but I have the same problem when I

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