Re: [PARPORT] BackPack Cdrom Woes

Stef Telford (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 20:25:28 +0000

David Campbell wrote:

> > > Please get natsemi.tgz from Dave Campbell wrote the
> > > program in that file - it should set your port in EPP mode. If I recall
> > > correctly, you just compile the program and run it as root.
> > >
> >
> > yup, your right, got it, ran it , then su'ed and ran it as root. no errors came up
> > ...
> Let me get this right:
> a) you ran the natsemi program

yes, ran it as root.

> b) then tried to use the SparQ afterwards (with no errors)

yes, no errors with SparQ or the printer...however...

> I would like to see a copy of the output to confirm that it actually found
> something. For example:
> ==================================================
> NatSemi PC87332 (or variant) at 0x0378
> Config registers at 0x002e
> Switching to EPP mode
> ==================================================
> If you did not get a message similar to the above (like nothing at all)
> then you will need to open the case and look for the IO chipset.

I certianly _certainly_ didnt get the message above (or anything approaching it)
eitheron my root terminal or via dmesg (or /var/log/messages) ....infact..nothing...

the chipset is a National Semiconductor PC87338, i have gone to the national
web page and requested the tech ref paper. It certainly seems to be some sort of
between the chipset (maybe its not being initialised properly under linux ?) or else
its the
bantam cdrom drive talking to it (the other suspicion is that they have done
strange, to the handshaking.)

I dont really see how it could be the negotation phase, as it does claim IEE 1284

hurmm...maybe i should have finished my degree in micro-electronics ;)

> They are
> not that hard to spot, typically manufactured by National Semiconductors
> (NS), SMC, UMC or Winbond (others possible but unlikely). Typically they
> are 100 pin surface mount device (20mm x 30mm). I could trace down the
> datasheet and cook up another kludge program.

it is most certainly the PC87338. i have looked at the chip markings on the laptops m/b
(no easyfeat, it was stuck way up at the back under a largish heat plate :).

> I was going to include this into parport but I need to get started on the
> parscsi drivers.

this brings me to another question (dumb as it is ;) could the 20x be a scsi cdrom
drive ? i seem toremember hearing that the bantam 24x was/is ....would paride fail
before the error its giving out if it
was a scsi and not atapi. The box (and web site) very helpfully dont mention a thing

> David Campbell
> =======================================================
> "All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"


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