Ford Prefect (spider@thor.interpow.net)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 08:24:43 -0400 (EDT)

Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a recent copy of the PLIP howto?
Just got my new HD for the laptop, installed Linux, and want to network it
to my desktop, and the only version of the howto I can find is from '96.
It seems to have dropped off the face of Sunsite too...

If that's a no-go, then does anyone have some hints for me on setting it
up? On my laptop (Gateway Solo 2300XL) the parallel port is detected as
plip1 instead of 0 (It's set that way in the CMOS for some odd reason),
and I enter all the commands like I've seen on every howto page for
networking, however I keep getting transmit errors from the laptop.

Also, how should the parport be configured, I have the option of
Output-Only (Hell no!), Bi-Directional, EPP, and ECP. I don't know much
about these, so I thought it best to ask.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Huston - Rowan University Comp Sci Major
New Jersey, USA
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