Re: [PARPORT] PLIP howto?

Ford Prefect (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 17:24:44 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Christopher Turcksin wrote:

> Ford Prefect wrote:
> > Also, how should the parport be configured, I have the option of
> > Output-Only (Hell no!), Bi-Directional, EPP, and ECP. I don't know much
> > about these, so I thought it best to ask.
> AFAIK, plip only works in 'nibble' mode, which is compatible with SPP
> (standard parallel port, the output-only or uni-directional option). A
> standard parallel port still has 5 input lines (ERROR, OUT-OF-PAPER
> aso., can't be bothered looking it up). The cable used for this connects
> 5 output lines (like D0-D4) to those 5 inputs on the other side, and
> vice versa. One of the lines is used for synchronization, the other 4 to
> send half a byte at a time (4 bits).

>From reading the howto (Even if it was an old one, never did find a newer
version), it said that if you get transmit errors on one side, then it's
that the chipset in the laptop can't handle the way plip does things.
Which I find quite amusing since I paid four grand for this thing in
December, and yet it can't work in this way.

Since I've no money for a hub, and no way to add another card to the
desktop, I'm resigned to using PPP over a null modem cable which is
painfully slow (Even at 115200, I'm about 60K/second). Oh well, so much
for the grand ideas of local networking *grin*

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