Re: [PARPORT] /dev/pg0 and 2.0.x?

Joel Hardy (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:05:55 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 wrote:
> But read /proc/devices and that error message again. /dev/pg0 is a
> character device.

     Hmm... I must have misread pg.c. Kinda misleading since it's in

> You cannot mount a CD-R like a floppy and write files to it. This is
> true in any operating system - not just Linux.

     Though I've seen a program for Wintendo95 that'll let you do it with
a CD-RW. I really don't care if I can do the same with Linux or not.
I'll soon have enough HD space and a loopback device set up so I'll be
able to do something close enough.

> All the documentation for the pg driver explains that, at this time, the
> only way to use it is via Joerg Schilling's cdrecord program. Visit
> for more information.


> No, you just need to read the documentation. :-(

I thought I had. Guess it wasn't thorough enough :(

> Now, perhaps you have a CD-RW device and you've been using Adaptec's
> "DirectCD". As I understand it, DirectCD is an implementation of the
> "UDF" filesystem. There is currently no UDF implementation in Linux,
> although I believe Andrew Mileski is organising a UDF project. Andrew's
> a little busy these days, so I'm not sure how much time that's getting.

Ahh yes, this sounds like the Wintendo95 program I mentioned earlier
(though I wouldn't DARE let anything out of Redmond on my hardware... it
was on a friend's who's a semi-convert to Linux now).

> > I was planning on ditching my x86 box and and getting a Netwinder
> How ironic. That's the very Lilith that has consumed Andrew's soul :-)
> (Andrew is one of the developers at Corel Computer ...) By the way,
> I know that Corel has checked that PARIDE works with the Netwinder,
> although how much testing it has received is not clear.

Yeah, I knew all that except about him also writing the UDF stuff.
Where's he find all that time?!? I guess having a *job* doing all that
stuff helps :P (It REALLY sucks being just one month away from being in
college and having to work a cash register all day).

Anyway, thanks for all the info. I'll shut up now (yeah, I'm rambling,
but I'm happy that it looks like my burner will work on a Netwinder...
that and today was payday).

- Joel Hardy (

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