Re: [PARPORT] problems w/ paride driver for Shuttle EPAT adapter
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:58:16 -0400 (EDT)

> thanks for the quick reply. Here is the information you
> requested to track down my problem.

Thank _you_ for the complete and detailed report. This is the way I like
to get them :-)

> I am running linux 2.0.30 on an Intel 486DX2 66MHz laptop with a
> bidirectional printer port (a DOS utility once described it as a PS/2
> compatible port).

Ok, that port may require a higher delay value than the default. Try
repeating the experiment, forcing the port delay to 4. This will slow
down the transfer, but it might also prevent loss of synchronisation with
the drive.

> pcd0: epat 1.01, Shuttle EPAT chip c6 at 0x378, mode 2 (8-bit), delay 1
> pcd0: Reset (1) signature = 1 1 1 14 eb
> pcd0: Master: CD-ROM !B

An old Mitsumi CD-ROM :-) I thought the "IBM" designation was bogus.

Try loading pcd with

        insmod pcd drive0=0x378,0,0,2,0,4

to use delay 4. (The 2 is the mode ...).

> pcd0: read block before command: alt=0x58 stat=0x58 err=0x100 loop=160001
> phase=2

If this is the first error, it means that the driver thought it had read
all the data, but the drive didn't agree. This leaves the driver in
a confused state. The next version of pcd will probably try to be
more forgiving of this particular problem, but it is usually caused by
marginal hardware, so I haven't had it high on my list.

> I had to switch the cdrom drive off to get access to the console again.
> The end result: only part of the file acroread.tar.gz was copied.
> Then I did:
> # umount /cdrom/
> pcd0: unlock door completion: alt=0x51 stat=0x51 err=0x60 loop=0 phase=3
> pcd0: unlock door data done: alt=0x51 stat=0x51 err=0x60 loop=0 phase=3
> pcd0: Sense key: 6, ASC: 29, ASQ: 0

6/29/0 is just the status code returned after a reset. The sequence of
events that you followed should have exactly that result.

> I also tried to use other modes and delays, but that didn't help at all.

What delays did you try ???

Grant R. Guenther

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