Re: [PARPORT] Debian 2.0 and paride disks: nogo?

Paul Wouters (
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 17:20:44 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 wrote:

> > Has anyone tried and succeeding in booting Debian 2.0 install floppy and
> > getting it to recognise the paride disk? I have a shuttle drive which
> > works fine with an older kernel (2.0.32) but the 2.0.34 kernel doesn't
> > seem to find anything. It does look for it according to dmesg.

This issue is still open.....

> > In 2.1.112, using fdisk and writing the partition table of the disk gives
> > me a solid lockup.

This works on another machine now running 2.1.113. It might be that the 112
machine didnt have ide support (it's a scsi only machine, and definately has
no ide controllers in it), but then I am not sure if I would be able to get
as far as trying to write a partition on it.


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