Re: [PARPORT] music cd

Marc D . Williams (wilmarc@GTE.NET)
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 05:43:32 +0000

On 24 Aug 98, l3si wrote,

> 4.5. How to read and write audio CDs?"
> Please get the packages "cdda2wav" and "sox", available from sunsite
> and it's mirrors:
> cdda2wav enables you to get a specific interval (or a whole track)
> from your audio CD and converts it into a .wav-file. sox converts the
> wav-files back into the (audio-CD) cdda-format so it can be written to
> the CD-R using cdwrite.
> this dont say nothin

Actually it does. It tells you what those two programs do. Now you need
to download those packages to find out exactly how to do it.
If there's a problem in the documentation of those programs then
write/complain to the author/maintainer of said programs.


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