[PARPORT] Linux Question Here!!!!

Richard Hunter (rhunter@onramp.net)
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:44:57 -0500

Ok, I am not sure which group to address this to, so I will start here.
I have a WinBlows PC and an iMac I am trying to network together.
Here is my dilemna... Both the PC and the MAC have 100bt network
cards. I would love to set up my Linux machine as both a printer
server AND storage facilitator... does anyone have any ideas if
Linux is capable of such a feat. Also, this would probably lead into
my next question... Can Linux recognize files from these machines?
I would love to use the Linux as a server station that I can backup
data to, etc... I also use it to program Unix Shell scripts. But that
should remain unaffected...

Thanks in Advance...

Richard Hunter

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