[PARPORT] Iomega Parallel Port Tape Backup Units.

Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:20:34 -0600

I work for Iomega, and have been interested in running my Parallel port
3200 Easy under linux. But, from what I understand, there has only been
minimal success in doing this.

This takes me to this morning, I started talking to the guys that developed
the drivers for the Ditto this morning. Turns out, although they can't
share source code, they will help and give guidance in developing
drivers for the Ditto under linux. Obviously, he doesn't have a huge
amount of time to devote to this, but would help as much as possible.

I would take on the project, but I don't have any driver development
experience. Wish I did.

If anyone wants to develop (or continue the development) of Ditto drivers
for Linux, please email me, so I can get you in contact with the
appropriate person.


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