Re: [PARPORT] Re: L68K: Amiga-Parport-driver

Philip Blundell (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 21:18:22 +0100

>It' s a code cleanup not a new feature. Anyway I think I' ll implement it

Yes, but the point of code-freeze (as opposed to just feature-freeze) is that
only real bugfixes go in.

>So they have to hack every other Linux driver that use an interrupt
>handler out there?

The Amiga doesn't share many drivers. Parport is the only one where the
high-level drivers are exposed to so many details of the hardware. The only
place I can think of where there's an equivalent 3-layer structure is SCSI,
and things are very different there.

>My thought was not allowing the lowlevel parport code to own the irq
>hanlder but instead allowing the _common_ parport_share code to own the
>irq so it would not help m68k guys at all.

Allowing parport_share to own the irq isn't much different to what we have now
(aside from the switching details). I think that having the lowlevel driver
in control is definitely the right way to go in the long term.


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