[PARPORT] Flummoxed!!!

Amicus Curia (amicus@orcalink.com)
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 02:19:33 -0700

Hi! I'm the proud owner of a Sparq parallel port drive using linux
2.0.34. Some time ago I changed to the Sparq from an ez135 parallel
port drive. I still use a couple of ez135 scsi drives (external) with
no problem.

BUT I recently discovered (after some many months) that my Sparq appears
to misinterpret gzipped files...especially larger ones, although this is
a pronounced tendency rather than a given. I called Syquest tech
support who argued they don't support linux. The guy suggested the
drivers were at fault, but I'm not sure of that.
Everything works fine in win3.11 with Syquests drivers. I opened a
brand new cartridge hoping that was all it took. No luck. 'sum' also
returns errant values when evaluating
the large gzipped files on the Sparq. The file(s) are fine on any of my
other drives, both DOS and native linux partitioned....so long as I
don't try to copy the errored files from the Sparq.

Does anyone else have a Sparq parallel port drive running linux? Am I
the only one that is seeing this mystery? Should I get a newer paride
suite? I've been happy with my Sparq until I ran into this....it has
probably been going on for some time but I never noticed? e2fsck says
the filesystem on the sparq is fine. The sparq supposedly has
(nominally) 1945 cylinders. I don't know where to go from here. :(

Anyone have a clue?

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