Re: [PARPORT] Noveca RAP//CD
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 15:49:44 -0400 (EDT)

> is it possible to write a low level device driver for the Noveca RAP//CD
> parallel port ATAPI cdrom interface that will work with paride.o and
> pcd.o?

Probably not. The Noveca adapter has some real-time requirements that
cannot be met under emulation. For instance, a particular sequence of
bytes must be written to the adapter within a very short interval -
or the adapter will not wake up. Enabling tracing in the DOS emulator
is sufficient to break the timing.

Noveca, the company, is bankrupt. So, there will be no new products
using this adapter.

I bought one of their kits, with the intention of attempting to
crack the protocol, but first the kit destroyed one of my CD-ROM
drives (an unregulated 12V supply was apparently the cause) and then
later that same power supply destroyed the RAP//IT chip itself.

The reason I even considered revisting the project after Noveca
went bankrupt is that an anonymous reader of this list sent me
some source code for one of the Noveca drivers. Unfortunately,
the driver was for a newer model of the chip than the one I had,
but it was enough to tell me what they did - and why I couldn't
crack it with the emulator.

It was an expensive experiment.
> Any comments on using the Noveca RAP//CD with Linux would be greatly
> appreciated.

Throw it away.

Grant R. Guenther

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