[PARPORT] ppa, imm and parport stuff...

David Campbell (campbell@torque.net)
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 12:12:32 +0800

From: Matthias Welwarsky <matze@stud.fbi.fh-darmstadt.de>

>> *snip* . o O ( Flame war coming on here... )
> Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to be offensive, so, if my posting actually
> caused anger, I apoligize for that.

I had a "a real bad day" with my VMS cluster falling into little fragments
and refusing to talk to each other (for no apparent sane reason).

Appologies for being a little angry.

The particular bit of code you suggested that required patching
was implemented by Andrea when he tried to get printer driver
to work (took something like three weeks). I would hate to break
it, hence the submission to the mail list.

Secondly the original patch "appears" to only address the symptoms
and not the cause. This was hinted at in my last email but it might
not of been clear ("This will only fix modules, should the two drivers
be compiled in the kernel then all hell will break loose")

It would appear (after reading the flood of email) that some deficiences
in parport would appear to be fixed. Also I need to brush up on parport
principles (I hadn't realised that the lurker functionality was obsolete).

Fixed (???)
a) parport support for devices that require exclusive access
b) improved code for scheduling in ppa/imm

Things still needed to be done:
a) documentation (never ending task ;-)
        I think a little background section to explain why a "bus"
        topology is used rather than "star" or "daisy chain"
b) patches to Linus (imm and ppa this afternoon)
c) make ppa/imm truely parport compatible
        (as in the driver will work for non-PC hardware systems)

Finally thanks should go to the following:
        Matthias Welwarsky for raising the issue
        The parport crew (Tim, Phil and Andrea) for fixing the problems

David Campbell
PS: I am going to be away for the next four days...

Current project list:
a) Maintain Linux ZIP drivers
b) Create Linux chipset specific parport drivers
c) Start on ParSCSI drivers
d) Boot proms for parport devices (socket onto NE2000 cards)

Any assistance to clearing this list most welcome

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